Step into a world where understanding meets healing with Clinical Psychologist Salome Demetriou

A pillar in the Trauma
Counselling community

customized therapeutic experience grounded in empathy

Salome creates a haven for clients to delve into their psyche and confront challenges with resilience, nurturing recovery and fostering a positive transformation in their quality of life.

With a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Johannesburg, Salome has established herself in private practice since 2021, bringing forth a rich background of psychiatric experience.¬†

Diverse Specializations

Salome Demetriou excels in an integrated therapeutic approach, focusing on Trauma Counselling and addressing somatic symptoms that hinder personal well-being. Her expertise spans Person-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Years of Experience

Since 2021, Salome has provided private practice counselling augmented by her substantive tenure in various psychiatric settings, reflecting a committed presence in the psychological landscape of Johannesburg East.

Professional Affiliations:

Salome’s dedication to multifaceted care and community-based mental health initiatives is highlighted by her active involvement in collaborative efforts to enhance comprehensive wellness.

Personal Attributes

Salome’s philosophy is rooted in the firm belief that a secure and understanding therapeutic environment is the crucible in which clients can reconstruct and reclaim their lives from the aftermath of trauma.


Committed to accessibility, Salome’s trauma counselling services are available from Monday to Friday, with flexible scheduling to accommodate the dynamic lives of her clients in Benoni, Boksburg, Kempton Park, and Edenvale.

Special Focus

Her recognized expertise with trauma-impacted individuals positions her as a vanguard for clients navigating the complexities of psychological restoration. By merging research with practice, Salome enriches her therapeutic efficacy.

Client Matching Considerations

For those in search of an empathetic, nuanced approach to Trauma Counselling, Salome is the psychologist of choice. Her deep-seated commitment to personalized treatment plans resonates with clients aspiring to overcome trauma and enhance their life quality. Offering more than just therapy, Salome extends a lifeline to those reaching for understanding, safety, and holistic improvement.