Begin a transformative journey with MyHead Space your trusted mental health and wellness center.

Our team is dedicated to providing expert psychological care.

Booking an appointment is simple, and we're here to support you through each step:


Reach Out: 

Initiate your wellness journey by contacting our mental health and wellness center at +27 82 886 3996, or send your queries to We’re ready to listen and help.


Share Essential Details: 

Upon reaching out, please provide essential information such as the nature of your mental health concerns, specific therapist preferences, and when you prefer to schedule your sessions.


Undergo a Pre-Assessment:

To tailor your therapeutic experience, MyHead Space may conduct a pre-assessment in alignment with our mental health and wellness center policies to pair you with the most fitting psychologist.


Secure Your Appointment: 

With a psychologist selected to best meet your needs, we will solidify your appointment and furnish you with all necessary session details—including date and time.


Prepare for Your Session:

On your appointment day, ensure punctuality and bring any documents or items as advised by our team.

Our mental health and wellness center is poised to guide you with unwavering support. Should you need any assistance or have more questions, we encourage you to contact us. Your well-being is our foremost priority as you embark on this healing venture at MyHead Space.